“I am emailing to congratulate you on the hearty welcome I received whilst taking part in the Iron Mountain Sportive during last year’s Abergavenny Festival of Cycling. It was most pleasant to be treated thus, especially given the horror stories emanating from elsewhere in the country, to say nothing of the sour letters that make their way into the Abergavenny Chronicle, complaining of road closures and the like.

As this year’s festival approaches, I look forward to returning to your village. Thank you for your efforts to put on a welcome for us. I was particularly amused by the bike mounted on the church tower, and cheered by the spontaneous applause from the patrons of the pub on the main street.”


“My son raced in the junior cycling race which ran through the village yesterday. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the wonderful welcome we all received. The way the village wholeheartedly backed the event was a joy to see. The atmosphere and great food and drink which was on offer was amazing. It’s a beautiful village and your residents are a credit to Wales. If only more places offered such a warm welcome to cyclists. Please pass on my thanks to all the organisers and locals.
It was a fabulous day out.”

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