It was in April 2016 that “Maggie’s Meal” took place and £1510.00 was raised with the intention of putting something in the village that would be a permanent reminder of our friend Maggie Brameld.  The money is being held in a dedicated savings account.

Some ideas were put forward and there was a suggestions box in the Post Office.  After much discussion, both with Maggie’s family and her friends in the village, it was decided that a lasting memorial could be provided by replacing the gate into the castle at the entrance to the drawbridge.  Peter Downey was asked if he would design and make the gate and he agreed.  This was then followed by lengthy consultation with Cadw who finally agreed, in principle, that the project could go ahead but there are still some unresolved issues.

The whole process has taken a long time but it is hoped that before too long Cadw will be in touch again and the gate will soon be in position.

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