Message from Gwent Now:

This week is ‘Take 5’ week! A week dedicated to exploring fraud and how to stay #Cybersafe

To support this week we will be exploring the different ways fraudsters try to obtain your valuable information. Can you find the fraud in the @TakeFive test?

@TakeFive have produced some excellent videos to help others, explaining the different types of common scams as well as giving helpful advice on what to look out for. Here are some of the topics:

Module1: Email Scam

Module2: Number Spoofing

Module3: Phone Scam

All the advice highlighted in the @TakeFive week can also be found at

Why not read it when you have 5 minutes to spare and be #CyberAware for 2018

Thank you

For further cyber safety information >
follow our latest Police Twitter account @gpcybercso
which can be found at:


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