This is to thank you for your kind donation to Abergavenny Foodbank during the period January to June 2018.

Abergavenny Foodbank is one of over 400 foodbanks run by the Trussell Trust, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK, where thirteen million people live below the poverty line. In the last year throughout the UK 1,332,952 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis.

Here in Abergavenny over the last six months 3690kg of food and toiletries have been distributed to 513 people including 1878 children.

Your donation is taken to our warehouse at Abergavenny Community Centre where it is sorted, sell by dates checked and then stored or packed into bags ready to be transferred to the Cornerstone Centre to be distributed to people in need.

Individuals go hungry every day for a range of reasons, from benefit delays to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.

Foodbanks partner with a wide range of care professionals such as doctors, health visitors and social workers to identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher. Foodbank clients bring their voucher to our centre at Horsingtons Yard where it can be redeemed for three days’ emergency food.  Volunteers meet clients over a warm drink while they wait for their individual bags to be prepared. They are able to lend a listening ear and signpost to agencies equipped to solve the longer-term problem.

Your kind donation of 88.73 kg has contributed to this and without your help we would be unable to support out community in this way.


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