Easy Access Pathway

Over the centuries St Nicholas Church has been a meeting place for the local community and travellers to gather together for worship, prayer or to socialise together in the Church and Nave.

There are two entrances to the Nave, the West door which required leaving the existing pathway and walking down through the grassed churchyard and the main entrance via the North door, which requires navigating down two flights of steep stone steps, which I am sure created as much of an obstacle for the medieval traveller as it is today for people with reduced mobility.

In our more enlightened age restricted access to public buildings is not acceptable and on various occasions over the last few years discussions have been ongoing to provide an Easy Access Pathway to the Church to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful interior and activities the building provides without any encumbrance to access.

Funding for the project was in the main achieved by the successful application of a grant from LCFAG (solar power) and finally, after nearly two years of design and planning the construction of the Easy Access Pathway to the West door was completed in September this year.

Many thanks to all the dedicated people who have been involved in and supported the project.

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