Grosmont Safari Supper

On 13 April Grosmont went on safari! A number of hosts in around the village opened their homes and prepared a starter or main course for up to 12 friends and neighbours. We all knew in advance where to go for our first course, and afterwards each guest received a note telling them who their main course host was. At the end of the evening we all came together at Sian and Ross’s home for desserts and drinks.

The evening was a huge success. The food and company were exceptional! It was lovely to spend time with one another, and many made new friends,  enjoying dinner with people they didn’t  know very well beforehand. And we raised around £850 for church projects, including a hearing loop.

Our thanks go to our fabulous hosts for great food and hospitality. Very special thanks to Sian and Ross for bringing us all together in their home at the end of the evening, and to Julie, whose idea it was, and who put so much thought and organisation into making the evening so enjoyable.

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