Click here – Grosmont Rural Futures meeting Update 25 Sept 2019

Please find attached detailed notes from the most recent Rural futures meeting. This contains information about what was discussed and agreed under the following headings:

  1. Updates
  2. Prioritising community-wide objectives
  3. Next steps: Forming a group to take forward the priority objectives. Community action and decision making-what is the best way to involve everyone?
  4. Inviting attendees to be part of the new community group
  5. The best way to invite others not in attendance to be involved?
  6. Need for a community engagement event

UnUnder points 4 and 5 above, it was agreed in the meeting that a new group should be formed to lead on the work that has been under discussion. Attendees were given the opportunity to complete the following table to indicate whether they would like to be part of this and how involved they would like to be. I would like to invite anyone who wasn’t able to attend but who is interested in being part of a new group to complete the table below and reply to me so I can start to compile a list of interested members. We will also be extending the invitation to anyone interested who is not currently on this mailing list and this is explored in points 5 and 6.

Name Contact (email) How would you like to be involved going forward?


1- Part of an action oriented group such as a committee that leads on taking things forward. 2- Part of a wider group that helps guide and informs direction.

Many thanks for your continued interest and support,
With best wishes

Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Coordinator



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