Hello Grosmont

Following the Rural Futures meeting on 13 November there are a number of key updates:

A new name for a new group
A working name was decided for the group: Grosmont Futures. From this point on village meetings and updates formerly under the name of Rural Futures will use this name.

Grosmont Futures draft mission statement
A draft mission statement to outline the aims and values of the group was produced. This can be seen in the attached notes. This is only a starter for ten and you are encouraged to send feedback.

Community event planning
The group will be organising an event called Grosmont’s Got Talent. Whilst this will include a talent show it will also aim to showcase all the existing groups and small businesses in the village. It will also introduce Grosmont Futures, priorities developed, progress so far and seek views on prospective projects. More information can be seen ion the attached notes.

The next planning meeting for this event will be:

2pm-4pm, Tuesday 3 December at the Town Hall

Please do get in touch if you have any views about the mission statement or if you think you can contribute to the event in any way.

Best wishes

Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Coordinator

Notes for Rural Futures Meeting 13.11.19

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