Trip to Cinderella Pantomime – 30 December 2019

On August 25th Russ Williams and Jamie Edwards held a Battle of Grosmont event to raise money for the MacMillan charity and a local cause. The event, which included members from the football, darts and boules teams also included a Tug of War. It was so successful they decided to sponsor an event for the village children.

Grosmont Events were approached to see if they would assist with funding and after some discussion they agreed to take over the planning for a trip to a local pantomime in Monmouth. The Savoy Theatre, Church Street is reputedly the oldest working theatre in Wales. It is run by a charitable trust and relies heavily on the support from volunteers who diligently make every performance an enjoyable experience for all the visitors.

This year Cinderella featured. We all know the story of a beautiful heroine who worked her fingers to the bone while dreaming of a better life away from her wicked stepmother and two ugly sisters who spend their days plotting and scheming on how to make Cinderella’s life more miserable. However after a surprise visit from her Fairy Godmother, and a sprinkling of fairy dust, Cinderella’s life is turned upside down, when she is transported from a ‘rags to riches’ world following an invitation to a royal ball with a handsome prince who is looking for a beautiful wife.

In total 40 excited children and parents boarded two coaches and made their way to Monmouth for the 2pm performance. True to tradition, we booed the baddies, cheered the goodies, joined in the singing and dancing and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Oh yes we did!

Our thanks go to everyone involved for making this lovely Christmas event possible.

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