Fake Coronavirus GOV.UK Text Message

A genuine ‘GOV.UK CORONAVIRUS ALERT’ text was received by many mobile phones nationwide to inform the public of new rules in force to stay at home.

A second text message was received appearing in the same thread stating, ‘We would like to inform you that you have been recorded leaving your home on 3 occasions yesterday. A fine of £35 has been added to your account. For further information please visit … (fake penalty web address). ….’

The second message was a scam and included web links to fake payment pages.

Criminals are able to place texts following genuine messages in order to trick readers.

Never click on web links or attachments in messages. If you need to verify a message, do so via your own trusted method 👍

The Fake HM Government Email Scam

Action Fraud have received reports of a scam email alleging to be from HM Government asking for donations to the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the end of the email the message requests donations be made via bank transfer.

Transferring money by bank transfer is a common technique used by criminals to divert payment methods from official websites.

If you receive one of these messages, do not click on web links or attachments and never respond to messages that ask you for personal or financial information ✋

If you need to verify a message, do so via your own trusted method 👍

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From your Cyber CSO

Gwent Police Cyber Crime Team

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