Stay in and save lives this Easter

It looks like we are in for a lovely warm few days this Easter, but please remember to stay home to save lives over the bank holiday weekend.

By reducing day-to-day contact with others, we are helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, helping to save lives and reduce the considerable burden on the NHS.

Gwent Police are out patrolling our streets and open spaces, and I am pleased to report that the majority of residents in Gwent are following instructions to stay at home.

However, sadly there are some who continue to ignore the guidance. Gwent Police are stepping up their response to enforcement this week so, if you do go out, please be aware you may be approached by an officer and asked the purpose of your journey. Police will enforce if they have to, to help keep our communities safe.

Remember, the government’s guidelines state that you should only venture out for:
·       Basic necessitates like food or medicine
·       One form of exercise a day
·       Any medical need
·       For work, if you cannot work from home

If we all play our part, we can beat this together. So stay home, stay safe, and have a happy Easter.


I am proud to see young people across Gwent taking a lead and encouraging their friends and family to stay home and stay safe during this international crisis.

Young people from every county have been uploading videos to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to show how they are keeping occupied and urging others to stay home.

Gwent Police are still receiving reports of groups of people gathering to socialise, so I am delighted that young people are proactively trying to make a difference and encouraging others to listen to the government advice.

You can see the videos by following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and searching for #StayinforGwent on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

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