As the end of May approaches and we have had all these weeks at home perhaps it is time to say thank you to:

The people who have:

  • shopped for others

  • collected and delivered prescriptions

  • rung up to check that people are all right

  • said “hello” in the street

  • made offers of help

  • maintained a sense of humour

  • followed Government guidelines

  • clapped for NHS, Carers and Frontline workers

The Post Office

  • for keeping open

  • ordering vegetables and other items

  • supplying milk, bread and loo paper

The Angel Inn

  • Fish and Chips

  • Sunday Lunch

  • Our “drink”

  • VE Day BBQ

The Church

  • keeping services going on-line

All other local suppliers 

  • delivering groceries

  • delivering fruit and vegetables

  • delivering Ice Cream

  • delivering plants and garden goods

  • The Bridge Inn – providing food and groceries


  • To the weather for being kind most of the time!

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