Grosmont Produce and Craft Show 2020

Firstly thank you to everybody who took part in this year’s, very much slimmed down, Produce and Craft show. Due to the current situation our only option was to arrange a show with a difference so we went ahead with only ten classes for families to enter together.

Our first category was a houseplant with Lynne and Mark Potter’s beautiful Mandevilla tempting me to take it home.
The second category was a basket or box of veg. There was a surprising variety of veg within each display making it difficult to choose between them.

Third was a basket of fruit – William Roberts had grown an amazingly large tomato as well as some delicious looking apples and pears.
The scarecrows entered by the Porter family were a wonderful sight, although too gorgeous to be scary I would think. We particularly liked the straw poking out of the top of the wellies on one and the great waistcoat on the other.

The most impressive weed was a clear win for Patrick with his teasels.
Decorated biscuits – Arianna Roberts must have great dexterity as the piping on her biscuits was so neat.

The next category, the arrangement of flowers / foliage from a garden was another one difficult to decide between the entries as they were both a joy to look at.
The ‘photo of something I have done during lockdown’ was enjoyable to see so thank you to those who entered.

It had been decided that the co-operative shield, kindly donated by Carol Pitt in memory of her father, Ivor Crump, would be awarded this year to the household with the most points. This was a clear victory for Lynne and Mark Potter.

Thank you to all those who have been in touch and helped me to come up with a plan of how we could go ahead with some form of show this year. We will hopefully look forward to a more normal event next year.

Karen Farr

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