Update on Paths To Well-being with Ramblers Cymru

Kate Westoby of Cross Ash Primary has led a whole school assembly to introduce the Waymark design project to the children and she says her school Eco committee were very excited to help choose the final two for each class to send onto Rhys before the end of this term. The top 12 designs have now been received by Rhys.

Rhys and Kate are also planning a bio-blitz for later in the year.  Mark Whitaker has also offered a bird identification session in association with proposed installation of bird boxes. This will be in the Autumn term.

A community tree pack from the Woodland Trust has also been ordered for the school. The pack comprises 105 ’wild harvest’ saplings and 30 hedge saplings. Planting will be in the autumn.

All the proposed routes have been surveyed and we are seeking permissions from landowners. This is a matter of courtesy for waymarking but important where new steel stock proof kissing gates are being offered or a pragmatic diversion would be preferred by walkers and landowners.

If you can help please get in touch. As you can imagine farmers are particularly busy this time of year so hard to track down.

Rhys has also organised a volunteer session on August 4th – poster below. If you can help publicise it please do. Our aim is to recruit volunteers to help survey and keep local paths clear.


M: 07710 175070

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