A theatre company visiting Grosmont on Friday 3rd March…

Grosmont St Nicholas Church, Friday 3rd March 2023, 7pm. Tickets online (https://ridinglights.org/max-maxwell/ ) or at the door.

The Uneasy Sleeps Of Max Maxwell
…waking up to artificial intelligence

A new one-act play by Richard Hasnip, followed by conversations with leading

Max’s grip on domestic practicalities is slipping, but if his brain-child is a success will all be

Cutting-edge computer programmer Max Maxwell is days away from launching his new ‘ethical’
A.I. system, while his wife Ruth, vicar of the local church, is doing her best to support him – as
well as their teenage son Sam, avid consumer of social media, and her mum, Helen,
experiencing dementia in a local care home. And here there’s talk of introducing robot carers.
In his sleep-deprived state, a few colourful dreams and imaginary conversations with his
‘project’ help Max to explore the possibilities of what A.I. could become in the not-so-distant

All this provides an entertaining human story to spark questions about the ways in which A.I.
already, and surely will, interact with our lives. After the play, there will be a short interval
followed by live Q&A with expert scientists from the local area (read their biographies here).
Come and raise your questions. 

The Uneasy Sleeps of Max Maxwell is set in the present. A range of
current A.I. issues are dramatised within the familiar hurly-burly of
family life. The family includes Max, a cutting-edge computer
programmer launching his new ‘ethical’ A.I. system and his wife Ruth,
vicar of the local church, who supports her husband’s work, though
not entirely uncritically. They have a teenage son, Sam, not
particularly interested in A.I. but an avid user of social media and
largely unperturbed by the algorithms which shape his interests. Then
there is Ruth’s mum, Helen, experiencing dementia in a home where
robot carers are being trialled. Together, these characters provide a
wonderfully entertaining context in which to highlight some of the
ways in which A.I. interacts already (or will do very soon) with our
everyday lives, in both positive and challenging ways.

Riding Lights Theatre Company website

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