Angel Walk

Angel Inn – Barns Farm – The Graig – Angel Inn

Parking: There is parking space outside the pub or beside the grass bank opposite the pub. There are no time limits or meters!

  1. Standing with your back to the Angel turn right and walk past the Post Office/village shop for a few metres before turning right at the corner of the churchyard.
  2. Where this tarmac road swings right you go straight ahead with a cottage on your left. This track, known as Sally Rucks, goes steeply downhill with trees on both sides.
  3. Cross the footbridge over the Tresenny brook and turn right on the tarmac road.
  4. Go through the small gate to the right of the farm gate and this farm road takes you steeply uphill to Barns Farm.
  5. Go through the walkers gate, walk straight ahead through the farmyard and continue uphill following the path as it twists and turns almost to the top of the hill. If the weather is good there are wonderful views to the west, to the Skirrid and the Sugar Loaf, two well known landmarks near Abergavenny.
  6. As you near the top of the hill watch out for a stile to your right. Cross the stile, keep to the left side of the field still going uphill until you reach another stile.
  7. Cross this stile onto a forestry road and look to the left for views to May Hill and Ross-on-Wye. Turn right. You are now on the Graig and most of the uphill work is over.
  8. Follow this path for approximately one and a half kilometres until you reach a waymarked path to your right marked Three Castles Walk.
  9. Take this path as it goes steeply downhill through woods and then into a field where a seat is waiting for you to enjoy the views.
  10. Carry on down through a gateway and another field until you reach the road.
  11. Turn right and follow this very quiet road for two kilometres until a road comes in from the left. Keep right and continue on this road for less than half a kilometre passing one cottage on your left and two on your right. It may sound like too much road work but it is very quiet, it is easy walking, the views to Grosmont are lovely and The Angel is getting nearer.
  12. Shortly after the second cottage on the right there is a footpath sign to the right. Here you have a choice. The quickest way to the Angel is to keep straight on this road past Great Tresenny farm house on your right and up a short steep hill back to the village and the Angel.
  13. If you would like to leave the road turn right and cross the bridge over the Tresenny brook, cross the stile and scramble up the bank to your right into a field.
  14. Turn left and keeping the hedge on your left, walk through two fields.
  15. In the left hand corner of the second field climb carefully down the bank and cross the stile.
  16. Go straight across this field and cross a stile and bridge to join the Barns Farm road where you turn left to retrace your steps downhill, through the gate, over the Tresenny, up Sally Rucks and back to Grosmont and the Angel.