Information on Grants available for 2019 can be found on the Community Council Page.

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Thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a successful event yet again.

Huge thanks to Ade, Claire and all at Golden Valley Meat and Game for so generously donating the bacon and sausages again this year. Also; Jan Williams for donating eggs, Angel Inn and Angel Kitchen for their help and support and everyone who helped on the day.

We hope that you all enjoyed your breakfast and had time for a chat/catch up.

We served over 100 breakfasts and the event has made a profit of approximately £420 which will be used to fund future events in the village.

Next year will be the 20th year that the Mayday Breakfast has been happening in Grosmont. If you have any thoughts on how we could celebrate this then please let us know.

Thanks again everyone for your support.


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Click on the Link below to find out more.§ionIs=news&searchyear=2019

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Grosmont Safari Supper

On 13 April Grosmont went on safari! A number of hosts in around the village opened their homes and prepared a starter or main course for up to 12 friends and neighbours. We all knew in advance where to go for our first course, and afterwards each guest received a note telling them who their main course host was. At the end of the evening we all came together at Sian and Ross’s home for desserts and drinks.

The evening was a huge success. The food and company were exceptional! It was lovely to spend time with one another, and many made new friends,  enjoying dinner with people they didn’t  know very well beforehand. And we raised around £850 for church projects, including a hearing loop.

Our thanks go to our fabulous hosts for great food and hospitality. Very special thanks to Sian and Ross for bringing us all together in their home at the end of the evening, and to Julie, whose idea it was, and who put so much thought and organisation into making the evening so enjoyable.

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Redecoration poster

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Thank you to everyone who came along to the Shaping Grosmont next steps meeting on Thursday evening in the nave and for your enthusiastic contributions. I will summarise below an outline of the evening and the ideas that were developed. You can also see attached a presentation from the evening and thematic tables- I will refer to these in the notes below.

Running repeat sessions so everyone can contribute
Those who attended felt that it would be worth running a similar session for anyone who couldn’t make it first time around.  To this end it would be helpful for your feedback to answer the following 2 questions so I can gauge interest and run this at a suitable time:

  1. Would you like to attend if I organise another next steps meeting so you can get up to speed and contribute to the early development of ideas?
  2. If so, when would be a good time for you? (it would be a 2 hours session): A) between 10am-3pm  B) at the weekend C) midweek 5-7pm D) midweek 7-9pm

I will do my best to accommodate everyone and am happy to run as many of these sessions as demand dictates, during May. Following these meetings  I will then arrange a “next steps part 2” meeting for everyone (including the vanguard who made it to the first meeting on Thursday). I hope that makes sense? I think this exercise is best completed in groups so I can explain things and people can support each other but please feel free to develop the thematic tables and return to me electronically if you are unable to attend a group session and I will add your contributions to the master version.

Shaping Grosmont meeting notes 11.4.2019
The meeting aimed to sense check the report findings and start to develop and prioritise some of the ideas expressed by the community so far. I reminded everyone that the report was the starting point for further discussions and that the contents will evolve in response to changes in the community or new opportunities/challenges that present themselves.

People generally felt the report was a good reflection of what has been said to date. The importance of the pub and nave was reiterated. A reference copy of the report has been left at the church for anyone who doesn’t have internet access.

Prioritising themes
There were 10 key themes in the report and we did an activity to try and prioritise these. The results of this were that the top 4 priorities were listed as:

  • Strong sense of community (improving community communications and networks)
  • Community governance (finding ways to make decisions and develop projects collaboratively)
  • Transport and accessibility
  • Protecting the character and heritage of the village and landscape.

It should be noted that most of the themes were seen as being important and there were particular issues and ideas under other themes which were still of interest so this activity didn’t discount any of these at this stage.

Exploring, developing and prioritising issues and ideas
I introduced thematic tables which included all the key  issues, ideas and existing strengths that have been raised so far in the community. As you can see in the attached file these also included questions to develop these ideas and prioritise them. There was also space to raise new ideas. Text in black in these tables was taken from the comments that contributed to the Shaping Grosmont report. During the meeting, these ideas were developed further and these contributions can be seen in red text. Groups worked in the order they had prioritised themes but there wasn’t enough time for all thematic tables to be developed. However groups started to make good progress getting a sense of which potential projects were important and which were feasible and by concentrating on particular issues or opportunities fresh ideas emerged.  Those attending requested a follow up session to allow time to develop these further.

Support and funding
I briefly introduced potential funding that can support the development of community led activities in Grosmont. You can see more information about 2 different funding options in the last few slides in the presentation. It should be stressed that other funding options also exist which may be more appropriate.  I also stressed the need not to put the cart before the horse and to determine who could deliver such projects and be clear about what people really wanted to focus on before considering funding opportunities. However I also explained that National Lottery have in the last couple of months agreed to ring fence funding for projects which meet the eligibility criteria in areas where Rural Futures is working-which includes Grosmont. It would be best to discuss this in more detail face to face once priorities and potential projects have emerged but it does present a great opportunity for the area.

My availability
I will be on leave from 18-26 April.   I hope to hear from you ASAP so I can start to arrange repeat sessions if required or about any other matter you’d like to discuss further.

Thank you for reading such a long message and best wishes for a good break over Easter.


Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Individual Thematic tables after next steps meeting 11.4.19[25722]
Next steps presentation Grosmont v2 11.4.19[25723]

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From Peter Willis, Place Co-odinator:

The Rural Futures “Shaping Grosmont” next steps meeting is tomorrow at 6.30pm in St Nicholas Nave, Grosmont.

There’s quite a lot to get through and I hope it will prove an interesting and productive session. In advance of this it would be really helpful if you were able to take a look at the Shaping Grosmont report before the meeting, particularly the “Key themes and findings” section on pp 10-15 and next steps on page 17.

Please find link here for your convenience:

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“Shaping Grosmont” – Draft Report from the work of Rural Futures 

There has been a request that this report should be available on the village website.  Key findings have been summarised on pages 9-15.  if there is anything significant in the content of the report that is “factually incorrect and requires urgent attention” please let him know.

Peter Willis, Place Co-ordinator, would welcome feedback.

190322_Grosmont Report_Draft

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