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Jeff Cuthbert re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent


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Call to get Monmouthshire buzzing with wildlife

Article last updated: 21st April 2021

Monmouthshire County Council is pleased to offer residents and community groups an exciting opportunity to get involved and to enjoy the nature and wildlife in their own gardens or local open spaces.

The Resilient Greater Gwent project is being funded by Welsh Government’s Enabling of Natural Resources and Wellbeing Grant, and aims to promote nature to encourage communities to value their landscapes and wildlife and to also get involved for their own health and wellbeing. Residents are able to apply for pollinator packs, which include all the tools needed to create a pollinating paradise in their own green spaces. The project follows the council’s commitment to promoting biodiversity and encouraging nature to thrive.

It comes at a time where pollinators are in decline across Wales, Britain and Europe and have been for many years. In Wales, the main groups of pollinators are bees and wasps, flies (including hoverflies), butterflies, moths and beetles. Collectively, these are responsible for pollinating approximately 75% of temperate flowering plant species and critical to maintaining human life. 

Residents wishing to turn their garden’s into the perfect habitat for pollinating species, can apply for a free ‘Pollinator Pack’. The pack includes:

  • Wildflower seeds to scatter in gardens to grow a beautiful variety of pollinator friendly plants and flowers.
  • An insect house to attract a variety of species.
  • Illustrated wildlife guides to help identify the visitors that are attracted to green spaces.

Monmouthshire residents are also being offered the chance to loan a trail camera to record wildlife in community gardens, open spaces or school grounds. These portable infrared trail cameras use motion sensors to record images and video of animals or birds that might pass by. The LED array even allows video footage and pictures to be captured in complete darkness.

These trail cameras are available to loan free of charge. The cameras will be available to community groups, their members as well as schools. 

To apply for a free pollinator pack or to loan one of our wildlife cameras, please email Helen Fairbank, Behaviour Change for Wellbeing Officer at helenfairbank@monmouthshire.gov.uk For more information about the Resilient Greater Gwent Project, please see https://www.monlife.co.uk/connect/green-infrastructure/green-infrastructure-projects/

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For the latest update please click on the link below:


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Thank you for filling in the questionnaires.

It is now time for the children to take part and join in the Competitions. For details see below.

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Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

Easter Day

6:00am                  Grosmont Castle, Grosmont

9:15am                 St Mary, Llanfair

10:00am*               St Bridget, Skenfrith

10:00am**            Zoom Service

11:00am                St Nicholas, Grosmont

3:00pm                 St Cadoc, Llangattock Lingoed

*Family Communion

**Spiritual Communion

email revmarykmoore50emar@gmail.com for the link to the Zoom Service

St Nicholas Grosmont will be open from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm on Good Friday for Private Prayer.

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27 MARCH 2021

In line with advice from the Welsh Government and Cadw, Grosmont Castle is now open to visitors.

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Poo bin in the churchyard

Thank you to every responsible dog-owner who takes care that their dog’s poo is safely bagged up and disposed of – this ensures that we are all able to enjoy our walks without fear of taking home something unwanted on our shoes.

However, many people are disposing of these bags in the poo bin just inside the church gate, a facility installed several years ago for use by visitors to the village.

The sign asking Grosmont residents to dispose of bags in their own domestic waste has fallen victim to the weather, meaning that people are now unaware that it was never intended as a facility for the village’s dog owners.

And here’s the thing … the bin is NOT the responsibility of the council, and the task of emptying it has fallen to one (non dog-owning) person to dispose of the bin’s contents.

So … please, could we respectfully ask that you take your own poo bags home and put them in your rubbish bins.

And, given the location of the bins outside the Town Hall … beside the pub’s benches … it would be great if these, too, could become poo-bag free zones.

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