Grosmont Community Council

Town Hall Christmas


The next council meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th May at 7.30pm (please note the slightly later time than meetings earlier this year) at Grosmont Town Hall.

Please find the agenda here
and posted below in the agenda section.
All are very welcome.

Minutes from the last meeting and a summary of the latest police report are also posted below.

Welcome to the Grosmont Community Council page. We hope you can find everything here that you need to know about our local council and activities.

Grosmont Community Council covers an area of North East Monmouthshire. There are 2 council wards: Grosmont and Llangattock Lingoed. Up until 1974 the area was administered by the Grosmont Fawr Parish Council, which had been in existence since the 19th century. The Community Council was set up, after re-organisation in 1974, although little has changed except the name of the council.

The Council Members:

Chairman: Lowri Wynn Morgan – Grosmont
Vice Chairman: Witek Mintowt Czyz – Grosmont (co-opted)
Jude Rogers – Grosmont

Co-opted Members
Jamie Edwards – Grosmont
Jan Williams – Grosmont
Margie Barker – Grosmont
Chris Bateman – Llangattock Lingoed

Clerk to the Council:  Robert Wade Clerk of the Council & Responsible Financial Officer:

The Town Hall is available for hire through the Clerk.
Click here for availability:

Robert Wade
Clerk to the Council & Responsible Financial Officer
Grosmont Community Council
Tel: 07502 590038



The charge for Local Users
£15.00 for a morning
£15.00 for an afternoon
£15.00 for up to 3 hours in the evening
£30.00 for entire evening up to midnight

The charge for Users outside the area
£25.00 for a morning
£25.00 for an afternoon
£60.00 for an evening however long the session lasts

 It is a requirement of booking that the form below is completed and returned to the Clerk to the Council

Booking Form & Conditions of Hire Updated 10.03.20

The Council meets at Grosmont Town Hall once a month, usually on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of the month (dates are posted in advance here). The Town Hall is a beautiful old building, built in 1838 and given to the parish council in 1902 by the Duke of Beaufort. It was listed in the 1970s.
At every meeting of the council we welcome members of the public, and have a public forum after most agenda items.
The work of the Council is varied and every meeting there is an agenda of some 15 to 20 items to be discussed.

Planning Applications
The Council considers every planning application in the area. Its observations are then sent to Monmouthshire County Council, who makes the final decision.

Rural Roads
Having a wide network of lanes, rural roads are very much to the fore at our meetings. Having local knowledge, we can pinpoint any dangers and repairs that need to be done.

Local Policing
Being a rural community, local policing is a concern. From time to time our local Community Policeman (based in Abergavenny) attends our meetings.

Every year the council gives a donation to the six churches and chapels in our area. This donation is to help with the upkeep of churchyards. Donations are also given to organisations that might benefit the people of our area, e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Welsh Air Ambulance, and Scope. Nearer home we contribute towards the grass cutting of the village playing field in Grosmont.

Elections for the council are held every four years. The next election will take place in May 2026.

As in all aspects of life finance is important. Every year we precept for a sum of money from Monmouthshire Council Council. We try to keep this sum as low as possible, as we realise it is the ratepayers who have to foot the bill.


Agenda 10 May 2023
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Meeting Minutes

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