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View files in DropBox      Facebook page. 

What is [DropBox] some of you ask:
It is a place on the Internet where all documents relating to Grosmont Together are stored. This allows all members of the community to a see a COPY of all documents, that is minutes, finances, asset lists, event details, everything we publish, making the activities of the group

“transparent and open to scrutiny by everyone”.

Having read the documents you may have a question, please drop us a line by posting on the Facebook page, sending an email to, ring 241567 or chat as and when you see us [Gary, Miriam, Alex, Peter] around the village.


Update: Following the resurrection of GADMAG (Grosmont and District Multi Activity Group) it was agreed that the group would have a new name. To celebrate the fact that the organisation was intended to bring together everything going on in our wonderful village we have the new name – GROSMONT TOGETHER.


[July 2016] Thank you all for voting in “the Committee.”   It has been several months since that life changing day and we thought we would issue an update on progress so far:

1. What we have done so far:
a. Held meetings – Hurray. The minutes of each meeting are available at Grosmont files in DropBox (Minutes).

We are pleased to share that Miriam Vincent has agreed to help and has been elected Vice Chairperson, with specific responsibilities for the Village Market and Major Events.

b. Reviewed the finances and determined that we have a +positive balance of ~£510 to go towards future events.

There is also a cash amount of £1510.00 retained under “Maggie’s fund” to be used in her memory and we would like to ask a group of her friends to decide what to do with this generous amount of money, please.

c. Reviewed the location and condition of the Container,  which is “not good” (Pictures in Dropbox) – not good, at all.

We have been asked by the owners of the field to move the container and it may have to be dismantled to achieve this goal. Idea’s anyone?!!

The contents will be moved to more suitable premises; Gary/Alex/Peter have offered to find good secure homes for the assorted items that are not stored at the Town hall or elsewhere.

d. Which brings us onto the Asset list – there is one – describing the assorted items that are available for use for future events and by members of the community.

This asset list will be updated and we ask for everyone to declare “what is where”, please.

e. The minutes of the of AGM and the final accounts up to the AGM on the 10th March are available in [Dropbox]

f. Set up a list of Short-term events and we ask for support to help run them.

2 What is this [DropBox] some of you ask:
It is a place on the Internet where all documents relating to the Group (formerly known as GADMAG) are, and will be stored.

This allows all members of the community to a see a COPY of all documents, minutes, finances, asset lists, events, everything we publish, making the Group

“transparent and open to scrutiny by everyone”.

To see [Dropbox] document store you need to follow this link:


You have READ ONLY mode; you can take copies, print them, give to friends etc.,

3. Events List:
We would like to take this opportunity to announce a list of Short-term events and ask for your support and volunteers to help run them:

  • Easter Egg Hunt: in the Castle, Saturday, Easter weekend, 15th of April – Volunteers for hiding things at eye level and especially parents to supervise Please. Eggs will be provided when we have numbers.
  • May Day breakfast on Monday May 1st – Volunteers for prep, cooking, serving and clear up please.
  • Grosmont Midsummer Festival: weekend of 24th, 25th June, in conjunction with the Iron Mountain Cycling event.
    Please note that the FINISH LINE will be in GROSMONT this year.

And please cast you eye over the proposed [Events List in Dropbox]

4. Name of Group:
Every Group has a catchy name to capture the ethos of “what we are doing” and “why we are doing these things”. We were asked at the AGM to review the name of the Group and I think we are ready to request ideas for the NAME.

The suggestions we have received so far are:

GL (Grosmont Live)

GA (Grosmont Alive)

JOG (The Joy of Grosmont)

GLOV (Grosmont, Love Our Village)

GCHQ (Grosmont community HQ)

What can you, or our children, or our children’s children come up with!!!

5. Constitution:
We have come across a constitution that was written for the Group in 1995 and have updated this for today’s members. We want you to review this and to add your thoughts, please view the [Draft Constitution in Dropbox]

6. Communication:
We will update documents in [DropBox] on a regular basis and publish “there is something to read” or “we need you help and participation” and “there is an event” monthly.
We want you to help with communicating:

  • tell your friends when there is something of interest
  • tell us when you think of something new, or different, that you want to see
  • give us feedback on an event, what was good, what could be improved and how

We will promote and publish posters on the Notice board, post events on Facebook (Grosmont Village community) and or even push leaflets through the letter box if necessary.
We would also like to build up an email list of people who are interested in the activities of the Group so that we can give advanced notice and more in depth information, pointing you to look at the document store in [View Grosmont files in Dropbox] occasionally.
Please email us with your name and email address in order to be included in the Group distribution list. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

The modern world is moving to electronic communication for all things yet our most important method, particularly for this community, will be still be “face to face

PLEASE tell everybody what is happening and help them get the best out the events. It is the best way of communicating.

From “the Committee” 👍🏽 to our Friends 😐 🔆
Replies to 📧 📞 241567

Meeting held on Friday 10 March 2017

The meeting was very well attended and the following people were elected as officers of the GADMAG organisation:

Chairman: Gary Squire

Secretary: Peter Clarke

Treasurer: Alex Minford

The committee members will prepare a proposed constitution, which will be presented at a future meeting for approval. The “new” organisation plans to be as inclusive as possible, and would welcome ideas from anyone interested in participating in any shape or form. Ideas can be passed on directly to them. It was also decided that we should change the name and would appreciate any suggestions.



GADMAG is being resurrected! There will be a public meeting in the Town Hall on Friday 10th March 2017 at 7.00pm with the aim of restarting GADMAG with a new Committee and new ideas. Everyone is welcome to come along and put forward ideas and suggestions for the “new” organisation and there will be voting for a new Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Remember, GADMAG cannot exist as a successful organisation without willing helpers, so please come along and support the group. Your GADMAG needs YOU!


For 20 years GADMAG has been running events for and on behalf of our village. Originally conceived after the demise of the school in Grosmont, GADMAG (Grosmont and District Multi Activity Group) has organised some amazing events, most notably the village days where literally hundreds of locals took part in fancy dress parades and team competitions. Today though, there are different attractions for our time, and over the last couple of years we are getting fewer and fewer people supporting our events, and fewer volunteers, with the same faces dealing with all the work.

Following the recent GADMAG Annual General Meeting, it was decided that rather than wind up the organisation, we would put it into hibernation and just run events on an ad hoc basis.

One of the main reasons for fund-raising has been to support the upkeep of the field at the end of Poorscript Lane, for the use of the children of the village, and it is hoped that a new group can be formed to continue with this. If you have children in your household, please watch out for events supporting the field, and, if you can, get involved yourself.

Margie Barker has kindly offered to be a point of contact for this new field group on 240875, so if you would like to get involved, please get in touch with her.

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