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The next meeting of Grosmont Futures will be held at 6.00pm on Thursday 2 September on Zoom.

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 We learned at the Shaping Grosmont event and subsequent workshops and meetings that there is strong support for Grosmont Town Hall to be regenerated and its activities expanded to maximize its benefit to the community. This is about more than just renovating the fabric- which needs some urgent attention- but also creating a space which is a real hub for the community with layout and facilities to support its use as first choice for many and varied community activities, reflecting the needs of a diverse 21st century community – easy physical access for all; simplified booking; flexibility; catering; wi-fi and other digital enablers.

At November’s meeting, Grosmont Fawr Community Council confirmed they wished to apply for Rural Futures funding from National Lottery Community Fund for this purpose.  The Community Council will be the lead applicant and welcomed the support of Grosmont Futures to help develop the plans.  We have given this project the working title of “Grosmont Community Hub”.

Grosmont Futures has been meeting for some time and formally elected its committee, officers and became constituted on 13 January. The group’s membership is open to anyone living in the Grosmont area who is supportive of the group’s aims:

  • Community led action to make Grosmont a better place to live, work and play.
  • To act on issues and opportunities agreed by the community to improve the social, economic, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of the area.
  • To work collaboratively with Grosmont Fawr Community Council, community groups and the wider community to ensure action is joined-up to ensure maximum effectiveness.

A framework setting out how the Community Council and Grosmont Futures will work together to develop plans for the town hall is being agreed.  A sub-committee of members from both groups will take the lead on the work and will be accountable to Grosmont Fawr Community Council and Grosmont Futures, reporting back on a regular basis.

We will be reaching out to the community in the near future to better understand your vision for the hall and how it can do more for local people. In the meantime, we would love to hear your ideas, particularly about what extra activities and services it could host or any local issues it could help address.

Development of these plans is being undertaken by volunteers from the village who would warmly welcome any support or advice, particularly if you feel you have skills or expertise to share in the following areas:

  • building work
  • business management
  • project management
  • finance
  • fundraising
  • voluntary work
  • engagement
  • activity development
  • publicity and promotion

For more information, please contact Lynne Potter, Co-Chair of Grosmont Futures:

For further information please click on the link below:


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