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The next meeting of Grosmont Futures will be at 6.00pm on
Tuesday 18 October on Zoom

Agenda and Log in Details to follow.

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Grosmont Futures presentation for Myddfai event

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Unfortunately it has been identified that the Town Hall is in need of urgent repair works that will need to be completed alongside the Community Hub project.  This is the responsibility of Grosmont Fawr Community Council (GFCC) as owners of the building and GF have offered to assist them to access funding for these repairs although we are not allowed to use the Rural Futures funding for this.

GF and GFCC had a productive meeting on 15 October about the hall to discuss how they need to work together and what needs to be done to ensure funding applications for both the repairs and the hub project are successful. As the owner of the hall, the funder requires GFCC to be the lead applicant for the community hub funding and requires an agreement to be drawn up to explain how GFCC and GF will work together to deliver the project. The hub project cannot proceed without this nor without funding for the repairs. Similarly, GFCC will need to demonstrate how the project is more than just repair work in order to access grants from most funders and this is where the community hub project can help. Consequently, the funding for repairs and the community hub project are interdependent.

Please share your views and suggestions on the plan via GF email  The information display in the undercroft under the Town Hall is regularly updated and other information is available on the website/Village Groups/Grosmont Futures and on the Padlet (address on GF Website). Individuals are also very welcome to join meetings and/or support the project.

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